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To become part of Venice Brand®. Your work must basically be DOPE SHIT and up to par with all 3 of the founders. Now, we aren’t saying that our shit is the best art in the world (By No Damn Means). But, I mean, let’s be real here, as we always are at Venice Brand® Open, Honest & Direct. Some people got it, and some people just don’t. Not that your work is not dope to you or’s just not DOPE to us right now. So, please, please, please! Always keep creating and practicing...and if you get rejected do not take it personally. Just do something different and come back stronger, you never know when you might just have that GREAT idea! (Trust us, we will listen to everybody’s idea) Plus, we also need to make sure it’s up to "OUR STANDARDS" and can be printed on something or displayed on canvas in a Home.

You must submit your work via our submission form for it to be looked at by all 3 founders and decided on to see if your work is suitable for Venice Brand and to make sure it is up to our standards.


Joining Venice Brand

This gives you the full benefits of putting your designs to work for you! On any of our QUALITY Products. Your designs can be put on Canvas, T-Shirts, etc. You will receive full commission for ALL your work!... the only thing we ask all is 20%. To break it down for you, so for every $1.00 you make, all we are asking for is $0.20. cents That helps cover the cost of the business. So basically, you get PAID! For doing nothing more than what you are already doing as a hobby, but now, you are going Pro! Simply by joining Venice Brand. (If your Shit is Legit!)


We will buy your Art Strait up!

Do you think your stuff or maybe a family member's Art is up to Par? Well, just Submit it! And our Founders will review it and if it is what we are looking for as far as Artistic abilities and presentation. Then Yes! We will make you an offer to you own your Artwork. And If we like it, we will contact you and we will agree on a price that works for both of us. Yeah, I know what you are thinking…and YES, it will be ours afterward…but think about like this, what are you doing with it now? It is probably just sitting there collecting dust…. So why not get paid for it?

Invitation only

This is an Invitation only section to our “ALL STAR ARTIST”. This is for visiting artists from around the world! That we feel stands out above the rest! The Next level of artist. ( Jedi Master type of shit) They will get 90% commission for any of their art sold on any of our products. The Breakdown: For every profit dollar sold on our site you get $0.90 cents and we get $0.10 cents. How do you get in this spot you ask? One again, to be completely Open, Honest & Direct…there are some artists that God's hand touched a little more than others. Trust us, there is “a lot!” Of great artist out there! But these artists are a little different… well at least to us! We also like to thank all artists that accept the visit this section and appreciate their time here at the Venice brand.

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